Thursday, February 16, 2012

Story Time, Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me!

Aaarrh! Yes, that is me dressed as a pseudo pirate at the Library yesterday where I volunteer for the infamous Story Time! Though I was "page turning impaired," I still had fun reading my friend, Melissa Northway's book, "Penelope the Purple Pirate" which was created originally as an App for Ipad & Iphone. I highly recommend it. I related to Penelope, because like her, I love adventure-especially when it involves the ocean and the color purple! Hard to see, but my t-shirt is purple. Though Penelope nevers says Aaarrh, I decided to improv that in tribute of my favorite ride, "The Pirates of The Caribbean" and yes, I loved Johnny Depp in the movie but I don't think he said "Aaarrh!"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Research & Writing and Everything Else

I'm back in rhythm with my balancing act of writing, research and everything else. I'm still in the "Cea of Rewrites" with my second half of my MG and I was able to write my first draft of a picture book that has some fun facts about a Potter's Wasp that I will bring to my critique group tomorrow. This month my goal is to have my MG polished to the best of my ability! I gotta do that goal thing or it won't happen; instead, I'll lose myself on the "Sea of Laguna Beach" with my paddle board and many other distractions. Though I have to admit, some of these distractions have spurred on book ideas. But what good is an idea if it's not given the love and commitment to be materialized??
Last night was spent sipping a glass of red wine and eating a dark chocolate, dried cherry, and almond bar while reading and taking notes on the SCBWI Winter Conference. Why don't they do this conference in the fall?? Hello! Fall is the time to go to NY! Has anyone had a flight cancelled to NY because of the snow and had to miss the conference? Just wondering. Anyway, I'm grateful for the blog!
Everything else, is my business- Laguna Beach Massage, my boyfriend, friends & family. My write up on my business was published in February's Issue of Laguna Beach Magazine under "Healing from the Sea" where I talk about the health benefits of a seaweed soak- pages 68 -70, if you want to check it out on line.