Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blowing off the Dust

Following advice from so many in the writing world and needing a break, I put my middle grade novel away to collect dust while I worked on my YA before the conference. Months later, I've blown the dust off. And with new eyes, I read it out loud, did some edits, and printed it. Mistakes and questions really pop out when holding the pages in your hand, don't they? After more research I discovered a huge mistake in my story that left me dumbfounded! How could I miss this? Ugh! Thank the gods for showers-my place for creative solutions. What came to me yesterday morning while water rained down on my head will strengthen my story. I'm diving back into that vast sea of revision with a deadline floating above. I may need a life preserver ; )

Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day or Interdependence Day?

Today we celebrate our independence, but I prefer interdependence. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate what our founding fathers established-an independent country with freedoms that other countries don't have. Becoming independent, like when we leave our parents nest and strike out on our own, is empowering. I'll never forget moving into my little apartment in Hollywood Hills at age twenty-two. It was exciting; a time when anything was possible. But in creative and business endeavors, independence can be a lonely road. Interdependence you're never alone. Here, your unique talents are recognized and used for the betterment of the whole-cooperation.

When people ask me why don't you self-publish? My answer: I prefer to go beyond "self." A mutual symbiotic relationship is much more powerful. The almighty triad WAE-writer, agent & editor where we use our individual talents to obtain a common goal.
Happy Interdependence Day!