Sunday, January 10, 2016

Emerging into the New Year

I was lost at Cea for the past couple of months. So much was going on as the sun began to set on 2015. Training new volunteers for the gift shop I manage at Pacific Marine Mammal Center. I had a lot of ordering and merchandising to do along with marketing the gift shop for holiday shopping. Who can resist helping this little guy through a purchase?
I also was busy with my own business, Laguna Beach Massage, not to mention the writing. Highlights: Michelle Knudsen critiquing my middle grade novel, and going to La Jolla to see Brian Selznick's presentation and book signing of The Marvels. Michelle gave me a lot to work with, and Brian inspired me.
I emerge into the new year with an incredible week behind me that has set the course. Yoga, meditation, writing/revising, dancing, working and enjoying the people I love. Here's to sailing across uncharted waters in 2016!