Thursday, August 28, 2014

WriteOnCon 2014-Addictive

The past two days was the WriteOnCon annual FREE online conference and it rocked. I was addicted-up late reading,watching and posting since my work interfered with me seeing and reading some of the events live. Elana Johnson and all the organizers truly blow me way. I wish I had more time to prepare, and gotten my butt on twitter. I hope to brave that next week and be ready next year.

YA writers pitched on twitter, 140 characters, and I watched the reactions of the Spencer Hill Press Gals- Patricia Riley-managing editor, Danielle Ellison-senior editor, and Asja Parrish-senior editor on the Writeoncon site. You got to see what they're a sucker for, learn what they're looking and not looking for, and most important, experience they're enthusiasm. It was insightful and fun to watch. And there were a lot of requests for full manuscripts! The Forum is a great opportunity to connect with other writers, post your work & receive critiques, and possibly get noticed by a "ninja" agent or editor. Though late on the draw, I posted my MG, The Firefly Field, which was a technical feat after several attempts, ye! The forum will remain up for few days which I'll be revisiting after I jump in the ocean : )

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sub-Mission Accomplished

It was late night, Thursday, deadline pulsating like a neon sign in a window of diner. It read open. Time was still on my side. I hit send at exactly 8:50pm; Sub-Mission accomplished with the ultimate weapon, a typewriter gun. This process will never mess with me again. You too, can arm yourself. Available at LGOCA. Artist: Eric Nadeau.