Thursday, December 5, 2013

Made-up Words Swaying like Seaweed

My middle grade novel revision is completed-almost. My made-up words are swaying like seaweed-back and forth with the tide. I have two worlds in my book, human and anamorphic. My critique partner says to keep the the made-up words in the anamorphic world . I've gotten great advice from Laura Backes, Co-founder of  Children's Book Insider (CBI). From the sentences I submitted, she said they worked assuming the world is not realistic. If your a children's book writer, I highly recommend subscribing to CBI online; they offer a treasure trove of information!

My dilemma is the worlds co-exist. They're not separate like in Harry Potter. More world building? Axe some of the made-up words? Or all? Back and forth, back and forth until the water becomes still.