Friday, June 13, 2014

Wind Died

The writing wind died for a month! Ugh! Family and work stresses left me dead in the water. Is that really an excuse not to write? I recently learned that Stephen King wrote every day for nine years before he was published and Ernest Hemingway wrote every morning for four hours before he hit the bar. I'm sure there were stressful times for them, especially Ernest escaping to drink. I've heard several authors speak about being a full time moms, and having full time jobs along with volunteer work and they still write everyday. What? Really?
The wind has picked up.This morning I woke up with an idea for a middle grade novel with a female protagonist and I got down the title and the first paragraph. I love how ideas come into my consciousness. That creative spark has got me diving back into my other novels. So, maybe it's not writing every day as much as what you accomplish when you do sit down to write, right?