Monday, May 21, 2012

Writing and My Kitten

This is Jaspurr, my distraction. As you can see (or not), he is laying next to The Golden Compass and Catching Fire as to say, "How can you possibly want to read these when I'm so fun and cute?" He's right, and I have only read the first page of The Golden Compass though I loved the film! And the prequal to Catching Fire was read Pre-Jaspurr. Yes, I have always been a sucker for the furry beings! Especially my little Jaspurr who is now the only child after being apart of a litter of five. He has adjusted well and now walks over my computer keys when I'm trying to write and lounges on my manuscript when I'm trying to transfer my edits from the hard copy to the computer copy. Somehow, I'll get this submission done though sleep deprived from Jaspurr's 5am fascination with my hair! I got this blog done during his evening cat nap- time to wake him up so I can sleep through the night and early morning without my hair ambushed.

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