Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ocean of Revision

Lost at sea- Cea of revising, reading and organizing and I'm finally back. Happy Hallows Eve! 
SCBWI OC Editors Day is always a great event. This time I got a critique on my MG along with my one page synopsis which I had to further edit due to the double space request-Arghh! Joanna Cardenas, assistant editor for Viking Children's Books, gave me a lot to work with. She gave a great presentation as well. Kate Bryzozowski, assist.editor of Thomas Dunne Books, gave a worthy piece of information on series: include a short synopsis for book 2 & 3. This means I'll have to map it out and that's like being tossed into a riptide for an organic, right-brain writer. Something to work on after I've sailed across the ocean of revision. My latest challenge: sending some fringe characters to their watery grave.  

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