Monday, October 22, 2012

She Said Eleven

I was at my local bookstore today when I ran into an old client of mine and her young daughter whom I hadn't seen in a long time. She told me that they were living overseas for the past three years and I told her I've been writing children's books. I asked the daughter how old she was and she said eleven. I asked about the books she liked, and she mentioned the book series School of  Fear and another series I can't recall because my head was reeling after she listed The Hunger Games and mentioned she had seen the movie twice! Eleven, really?? I do understand that no two eleven year-olds are alike, but  would you allow your 10,11 or 12 year-old to read this trilogy? Are the kids & parents today just numb to violence because of what they see on television and the Internet? I liked the books, they were well written, but gratuitous violence holds no meaning, so it was no surprise that I soon found the violence tiresome. Back to my revisions-nothing violent or dystopian, I'm happy to say.

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