Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Wind has Died

Right when I thought my book was about to set sail, the wind died. I had a great phone consult with my editor friend, Joyce, on my book. She and I wrote a script together years ago, and it was awesome to experience the play of ideas again. Love the way we bounce things off of each other. I was toying with changing a few things on my first page, just wasn't sure what. Joyce triggered some new ideas that I'm excited to bring to my story, but at the same time, dreading it also. The past week I've been formulating it in my head and now's the time to write it. Once again, it's revision time. It's like getting the nerve to jump into the cool ocean. When you finally do it, the chill of the water shocks the system then you acclimate and discover playing in the waves is fun and exciting. When you leave the sea to lie on the warm beach, a sense of satisfaction rolls through you.

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