Sunday, November 23, 2014

Baker's Dozen Contest Over and Agent Submissions Begin

My logline and my first two hundred and fifty words of my MG was ready to be submitted for the Baker's Dozen Contest on Tues. the 4th. I got online at 8am that morning and found myself copy/paste challenged on the blog form. When I figured that out, I found myself revising. Ugh! Clock ticking...I finally finished and hit the  submit button and...nothing. I was too late. The cut off number was 150 manuscripts. I had another chance on Thursday to make it in the next batch of 150, and this time, I took in account the three hours ahead submission time. I had everything completed a few minutes before six and at 6am, I hit "submit" and I got in, which made me feel like a winner. Hey, for me, being functional at 5:45am deserved the blue ribbon!
Friday the 21st I found out I wasn't part of the thirty-five manuscripts that were chosen for the agent auction block. I wasn't that disappointed. I got a critique out of it, I dove into revisions on my pitch and my first page for both my YA and MG, and I got  to be a part of an online writer's community. I look forward to seeing the winners posted and critiquing some of them. It's always a gift to see other writer's work. Our imaginations and experiences are so diverse which makes it exciting and fun.
I'm preparing to submit to the agents from SCBWI OC's Agents Day October's conference and I'll research the agents from the Baker's Dozen Contest list and perhaps submit to a few of them as well. I'm happy to say all my major revisions are completed, though the chapter I added will need to be reworked. Now, if I could only bake a pie : )

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