Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I'm happy to say that the six winners I critiqued from the Baker's Dozen Contest got bid on by agents-most received a full manuscript request. Congrats! Out of the thirty-five YA & MG winners, 27 were YA and only 9 were MG and approx. 85% were Sci-Fi or Fantasy which made sense since these are the Authoress' favored genres. Whether it be agent, editor or writer, everyone has their sweet spot. It would of been nice to have seen more MGs on the winner list. Maybe next year, if she decides to run the contest again. Along with kicking me in gear to get my pitch down for my MG, the Baker's Dozen Contest got me to sign up on Twitter. Though I failed to follow the contest live, I now have a twitter presence. I'm up to seven tweets-Woo-Hoo and I have one submission sent.

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