Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Secret Agent Contest and Life Writes On

The sun has set(a couple of weeks ago) on Miss Snark's First Victim's Secret Agent Contest. It was for all genres and it was a random bot pick. My first 250 words of my lower MG, fiction-adventure, The Firefly Field, was picked-#40 if you want to read it on her blog. This novel has been critiqued many times and revised, rewritten and edited many times more. Since my YA wasn't complete-first draft seems to be going against the current, I had to submit my MG because it's complete at 28,000 words. I was happy to see most of the critiques were positive. I even had a fellow writer invite me into her online writers group. This was an incredible experience.
I critiqued five works and the secret agent critiqued all 50! I truly appreciated the time she put into it! The secret agent, Danielle Burby of Hannigan, Salky Getzler Agency, didn't pick me, but that wasn't a surprise. Her passions:YA, women's fiction, and mysteries and my Younger MG: bugs, boys, adventure and relationships. Definitely not a fit. Submissions continue as Life Writes On.


  1. I used to love participating in the secret agent contests! Then I started a new novel (tucking away my old one - it just wasn't ready) and I haven't had a completed manuscript since. College is a hard time to get writing done, I guess!

    1. When the time is 'write', you'll dive back in. When you take a look at that first manuscript, you may be surprised how good it is, or with ideas that flood in to make it better.