Saturday, March 7, 2015

Research, Reading and Magic

Normally, I like to only submit to agents and editors that I've seen and/or met at a SCBWI conferences, but now I'm branching out to ones listed on the Children's Book Insider monthly newsletter and writer's blogs. I'm a detective combing the internet for clues about these agents and listing those whom I connect with.
Yesterday, I finished reading "The Mark of the Dragonfly" by Jaleigh Johnson. The photo pays tribute to this incredible upper-middle grade novel. The cover grabbed me and the jacket flap sold me. I've been reading a lot of YA and this was the perfect book to change things up. A magical story with a steam-punk vibe and headstrong protagonist, Piper, who takes us on a nonstop adventure with an eclectic cast of characters with heart. The last sentence of every chapter is a cliffhanger, so it was hard to put down.
When I read the acknowledgements, I was surprised to see Jaleigh's agent was one I researched and put on my list. How magical is that? Speak of which, I finally got to the first "magical" part in my WIP, YA: magical realism. Whoo-Hoo! (Art piece above: courtesy of LGOCA)

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