Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Magical Summer Read

Whilst attending the SCBWI Summer conference, I picked up a copy of Michelle Knudsen's middle grade novel, The Dragon of Trelian. Meg is a young princess who often acts before thinking, like befriending a young dragon. (She reminded me of myself; befriending stray animals without thinking of the consequences.) Calen is a young mage apprentice who lives within the Trelian Castle with his Master, Serek, adviser to the king.
The fun begins a couple pages in when these unlikely two, meet. The push and pull dynamic of Meg and Calen's friendship, along with the engaging events they're faced with, kept me turning the pages. Calen's gift, to see colors when a spell is cast, and the ability to identify the type of spell from the colors, was brilliant. I loved Meg's psychic link to her dragon, Jakl, which was both a gift and a challenge. Both of these young protagonists struggle to be accepted by their elders, but find it in each other. Together, they take on the evil that's threatening their Kingdom.
Pick up a copy, along with the sequal The Princess of Trelian and discover how this beautifully woven story unfolds.

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