Sunday, April 1, 2012

Agents Day - Info Overload

Yesterday I attended a SCBWI conference with four agents and two authors. "Revise, Edit and Polish and repeat fifty times before you submit" seemed to be the core message. Then there was all the other aspects of the biz-editors, publishers, promoting, marketing, sales etc. Though it was a good experience, I was left with info overload and the land disappearing behind a wall of fog in my "Cea of Rewrites." A good reality check I suppose which my Pisces dreamy delusional self didn't like and my Aries ( the baby sign on the wheel) Moon screamed how much more patient can I be? A lot more, was the answer from somewhere. I do enjoy my rewriting process but I can't wait to see land again!! I found comfort in Brian Selznick's beautiful & brilliant book, "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" when I read that his editors took two years working on it and it's only 26,000 words which is just 2,000 more than my middle grade book. After reading that, I wondered how long it took him to write, revise and polish it, not counting the amazing drawings. I'll have to check into it but right now it's sunny out so time to take a beach walk!

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