Sunday, September 23, 2012

SCBWI OC Editors Day Conference

Sailing inland for the OC Editors Day Conference, I found the waters were inviting with schools of fellow writers and an amazing pod of informative and supportive editors & agents. The catch of the day was being randomly chosen, along with five others, to have lunch with Yolanda LeRoy Scott, Editorial Director of Charlesbridge Books. Yolanda wanted to know how we ended up writing for children after we learned how she landed in the book biz, which was a surprising and cool story! I've been so secretive with what I've been writing, except with my critique group, so I was shocked how much I shared! But I felt safe to do so and the others equally shared. All of us had unique stories and influences! I'm diving back into the Cea of Writing with completing rewrites on my MG book from edits I just received from my pro-editor friend, Joyce, and one more rewrite (I hope) on my one page synopsis, then it set sails to it's new destination.

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