Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Submissions-A Sea of Creativity & Discovery

You don't have to drown in the submission process when the sea of creativity and discovery is just a ripple away. Dive into finding something about the agent/editor that you can relate to. Google is the gift for research. Take notes on what you find on blogs, and even likes on FB. This is also good to do before a conference. A bit of knowledge can spark a conversation with an agent or editor when you happen to be standing next to her/him in line for lunch. Remember, it needs to be genuine! Take notes on what you discovered about him or her.The creative part is formulating one or two sentences from the information you gathered to kick-off your cover letter. Every agent and editor seems to want something different,( i.e. one page synopsis, a paragraph synopsis in cover letter, a jacket flap synopsis, first two chapters, the whole book). Don't  let this wave knock you down; make it an adventure across uncharted seas. Your creativity will be your lighthouse and your determination will get you through any turbulence and before you know it, Land ho!

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