Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reading and Rolling

I just completed Sarah Ockler's Twenty Boy Summer and I liked the challenges Anna was faced with when her best friend's brother dies. Two years prior, I bought Jessi Kirby's book, Moonglass where the the main character, Anna, sorts out her painful memories of the death of her mother. Funny, how I stumbled on two great books that take place on the beach and weave seaglass into the story. Another coincidence or not, both authors will be touring together this summer! I'm reading my second YA book as ideas for my young adult story rolls around in my head. My father's old leather camera case inspired it. (see pic in earlier blog). My main character also deals with loss but it's in tornado alley, far from the beach. I've got the prologue, but the water has to be warmer before diving into chapter one.

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