Friday, January 6, 2012

"Cea of Rewrites"

Venturing out on my "cea" of rewrites, I dove into the double spacing and endless editing. While I was swimming in rewrites of my MG (middle grade), two picture books (PBs) floated to the surface. Then titles and outlines for other books knocked on my imagination door, so I had to take time to entertain them too, one being a YA novel that was inspired by something I inherited from my father ( more on that later). Endlessly drifting in my "cea" of rewrites, it was time for someone to throw me a line.
        A girlfriend, who had been writing picture books, threw me one and got my critique wave rolling. Next, was my client, who is the librarian in the children's section at my local branch. Fridays at lunch, she would go over my work. Her insights were invaluable and my wave was building. After joining a small critique group through SCBWI,  my wave had taken shape. It's a big wave but the shore is insight.

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