Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Book-My Process Continued

The rough, rough draft was finished 4/24/11 but it was just the beginning! Thankfully, I had time to dive in and do my research. The Internet, what a gift! I began to read sights on children's writing. I organized favorite files titled children's writing, author's websites & blogs, publishers, editors and agents. I joined Clubhouse Insider which is a wealth of information that has a monthly newsletter on the biz, along with how-to ebooks to download and real time Q & A. I became a member of SCBWI and I got a library card! I hadn't had one since my college days and I hadn't stepped a foot in our local library until May of 2011. The library was such a fun place for me as a kid; my mother took me there every two weeks or so. I have rediscovered that fun! It's an adventure sailing through the shelves to see what middle grade books I fish out to read! My book is middle grade so this is the area I chartered first. I was also fortunate to be in a small town where two independent bookstores existed that I could walk to. The book stores offered what was new. There, I would sit down and thumb through the books and write down publishing houses that looked like a good fit for my book(s).

Armed with information, I enter the "CEA of Re-Writes."  Journey to be continued.

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