Sunday, January 8, 2012

Enjoying the Ride

Right now I'm enjoying riding this wave. I love going over my manuscript and finding stronger words to express what is going on and discovering my re"pet"itive words. "Pets" are nice to have just not in my writing. Then there is always a few "be" verbs that need action! Clarifying my characters through their voice and attitude is another. The critiques of my team always fuel my wheels of creativity too. Then there are paragraphs that I love just the way they are. I become the reader only when I print out my manuscript, how about you? As the reader, I discover a whole new territory of rewrites.
My MG is about 23,000 words and counting and the photos posted are part of my inspiration. I took all the photos except for two. That's my profile with the butterfly who had made its cocoon in my house.What an event! The hand is mine with the butterfly and the dragonfly. The butterfly I rescued from the middle of the street not far from my home. The dragonfly I found traumatized on our washroom floor when I rescued him/her. I wonder what will be next.

Getting my 1200 word picture book down to 700 words was the major editing exercise! So different from my MG!! Hey, the challenges of my wave is what makes it exciting.

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